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Nice bonuses

We regularly give discounts and nice bonuses to our dear guests! Want to be in the know? Be more interested in promotions at the relax session in the cabin or just call the administrator. We have a permanent birthday discount for the birthday boy and his friends - as you start a new year of life, you will spend it.

You have the opportunity to rent any room in our mansion for an hour or more.

You can always give a gift certificate in Mon Amour to your humble friend so that he will know the best erotic massage

What kind of male masseuses work in our club?

Our girls - masseuses are still very young, but are already true masters of erotic massage. Every man is an uncharted territory for them: let them explore themselves and you will feel how the hairs on the skin begin to move. With her skillful, soft hands, the clever will caress you so tenderly and sensitively that you thank the higher powers more than once! All residents of our club work with 100% dedication, because they themselves love to give pleasure (which is an important condition for working with us), and it is important for them that you do not leave these walls without a powerful charge of caress and love, waiting for the next dates!

The most beautiful masseuses are waiting for you!

Treat yourself to an unforgettable holiday in our salon! Here you can see a detailed list of our erotic programs in which you will be the main character - you just have to wish. The club has reasonable prices for erotic massage for Kazan for the volume of programs. We do not save on your pleasure: we offer premium services in elegant apartments with the participation of only beautiful and young masseuses who know their business perfectly.

You will find scenarios of a date with our beautiful girls who will ignite the embers of secret desires in the hiding places of your soul. Duration and content varies - from the classic "massage + sensual part" to the use of special games and techniques of excitement and the participation of two and three skilled workers at once. Our gentle nymphs will carefully listen to your wishes within the limits of what is permitted. Also try to create your own script - for this there is an option "Individualist". Your wishes are negotiated in advance with the administrator of the salon, and you can also order a date with the erotic massage chosen by the master.



Our interiors

Residents of Southeast Asia say double "sabai sabai" when everything is so great with them that they cannot be any better. Translated into Russian, this word means "pacification" and "serenity", and therefore it cannot be better suited to the atmosphere of our place. Muffled light, different in texture, but pleasant to touch fabrics and parts, furniture with low legs ... An unusually stylish, "discreet" and ascetic interior will appear for you in a new, piquant light with the advent of a charming craftswoman.

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