1 hour 30 min





Beautiful, sexy and brutal. Power is a weapon that you have voluntarily entrusted to her. Do not anger her and do not try the patience of strength, otherwise you are immediately punished for every transgression and disobedience.

We recommend you to add foot fetish to this program – 1000 rubles.

If you adore role-playing games and imperious women, then massage «A dominatrix» seems to be the highest point of pleasure. In our relax salon you are able to get something that you could previously only dream of. Such a massage for men in Kazan brings a sharp emotional and tactile feeling. It is performed by beautiful, confident and not accepting objections masseuses. You learn what a real erotic pleasure is, surrendering to the hands of an experienced mistress.
Massage takes place with all the necessary attributes. It starts with a fascinating erotic dance, an emotional game between a guest and a girl. Do not try to resist the experienced mistress, because for any fault you are severely punished. She becomes the mistress of the situation, giving orders and demanding their execution. Dressed in a themed costume, the dominatrix shows rage and passion, using the appropriate attributes. The program ends with a standard erotic massage, without a place for any embarrassment. This sexy game with the impudent Panther leaves a sensual impression and brings your secret fantasies to life.

This massage for men in Kazan will appeal to those who are not used to limit themselves to pleasure. With their gentle hands and naked bodies our girls affect the erogenous zones of the guest, bringing every inch of the body to ecstasy. A dominatrix relieves you of tension, opens the hidden potential and involves into an erotic fairy tale. You experience excitement, pleasure, relaxation and bliss. Succumbing to this sexual game, you get into the world of unique sensations. A dominatrix eases your tension after hard working days. She fills you with new forces. This massage is never to be forgotten, because it is performed with full dedication and strict rules.

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