1 hour 30 min





Only you make a decision what the scenario of the procedure is. Which points of the body, which poses, which fantasies … You and only you are an overlord ….

Dilute the program by imitating oral sex, and you will never forget these sweet moments – 2000 rubles.

If you have had a rough week and the accumulated fatigue is hardened in the body, the salon relaxation massage «MonAmour» recommends you the ultimate relaxation. Our sexual massage undoubtedly helps you.
Moreover, only you , having successfully tried on yourself the role of the overlord, determine beautiful naked girls the order of execution sexual massage:

  • the poses;
  • masked areas of the body;
  • overall scenario event.

Erotic massage for a man is a real pleasure of relaxation in the ocean of tenderness and passion. By the way, sexual massage is absolutely not superfluous for the family man. After such erotic massage, the relationship with a beloved wife sparkles with new colors!

Sexual massage is a kind of relaxation game where careful touches alternate with gentle stroking, passionate hugs and light kisses. Properly conducted, it is rather relaxing than exciting.

You can visit our salon together and make sure that our erotic massage for couples brings a truly heavenly relaxing pleasure. Gentle stroking and touching «dissolve» the accumulated fatigue without a trace and help to recover fully not only on the physical but also on the psycho-emotional level.

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