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1 hour 30 min
2 hours

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6000 (+2000)
8000 (+2000)
10000 (+2000)


Give a new exciting experience for not only yourself but also for your second half. Two charming girls with their exciting touches awaken the passion in your bodies.

Recommendations of our salon to supplement the choice of this program:

  • Hamam – 500 rubles
  • Stone therapy – 2000 rubles
  • Oranges – 1000 rubles
  • Relaxation for your second half – 2000 rubles

A joint sexual massage helps to experience a pleasant erotic experience with your own sweetheart. It returns the primary emotions and allows you to relax and get closer to your loved one even more. Erotic massage for couples fills the body with powerful sexual energy, that you spend on each other later. This adventure remains in memory for a long time, leaving behind the stress and frustration. Relax massage in Kazan helps to liberate and learn new facets of the partner and brings a cardinal variety in sexual life.

Erotic massage for couples is carried out by two beautiful girls with perfect figures. They thoroughly mastered the technique, try to guess the guests’ wishes and implement them immediately. Your partner has the opportunity to re-discern your features and sexuality, he or she sees all the forgotten and once again becomes attentive and tender.

It is no secret that the pleasure of someone else’s sexual energy refreshes relationships, increases confidence and revives the former passion for each other. Do not let your partner get stuck in work and everyday problems, visit the erotic massage salon together with your partner or wife. In our apartments you find intimate relaxing atmosphere and gorgeous interior. You feel emotional relaxation, pleasure from caress and touches in the presence of each other. Do not hesitate to offer your sweetheart such a vacation, he or she surely appreciates your courage. It’s a good idea to visit the salon relaxation massage «MonAmour», as a gift to the joint occasion.

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