Our salon of erotic massage helps to reach absolute heights of pleasure. This is a place where fatigue leaves your body and complete relaxation and bliss come to its place. Sexual desire is escalated to the limit, new erogenous zones are emerged, fantasies and hidden wishes are awakened. Beautiful and skillful girls have mastered a large range of skills in massage techniques, their soft bodies and gentle hands take you into the ocean of erotic caresses.

The essence of the performance is in a special technique of movements, the purpose of which is to bring a customer to the highest point of sexual pleasure. You choose the most appealing program yourself. The culmination gives absolute bliss, results to unearthly delight of even experienced clients. Erotic relaxation massage affects the physical condition positively and gives a psychological relaxation. The intimacy of the situation promotes to complete removal of the problems, extracting out a wave of desire and voluptuous feelings. You are impressed for a long time actualizing the accumulated sexual potential.

Adress: Kazan, 52, Pushkin street

Phone: +7 (843) 203-39-15

Open hours : around the clock