Body massage

1 hour – 3000 rubles


A standard but a very favorite program.

It starts with a shower, then a classic program for the whole body and here you are in a bliss do not even notice how our beautiful girl rides your body… and everything comes to a magical relaxation…

We recommend you to add the following to the program:

  • voluptuous kissing – get more pleasure — 500 rubles
  • voluptuous kissing using a tongue and biting — 2000 rubles

What is a body massage? This is a full-fledged relax therapy for your body and mind. This is a stunning massage in the company of a charming girl (or even two beautiful masseuses). This is a quality relaxation for men who are not tempted yet and for men who are not the first time returning to us for new sensations.

Why should you try a body massage?

You probably do not deny that massage is useful. As you know, there are many kinds and techniques of it. And the further the person steps in the development – the more different techniques and improvements the massage technique gets.

Body massage is not so widely spread procedure in comparison with the conventional massage. However, it has a tremendous positive impact on the human body. Starting from complete physical relaxation, ending with emotional and psychological relaxation, which is unlikely to be given to you by the standard massage techniques.

Body massage is a massage made with the help of body. Sounds intriguing, right? At first, the guest is offered a pleasant relaxing shower. Next, the masseuse walks through the body with gentle strokes, which grow into stimulation of the client’s body with the whole body of the mistress. Using the various parts of her body, the girl leads you to indescribable excitement and further relaxation with a full range of wonderful sensations.

Why is this massage useful? It does not only give unusual feelings and emotions but helps to be relaxed both physically and spiritually. Also, the body massage helps to remove all energy clips and internal stresses, which are often simply invisible to humans at the stage of its formation.

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