Anti-stress massage

30 minutes





This program comes as a supplement.

Sexual massage is unique, because it combines benefit for the body and emotional pleasure. In our Relax salon we know the secrets of this action that is why it attracts the most modern men who are looking for erotic caresses. The stress is immediately removed, negative emotions go away. The guest’s body turns into an erogenous zone, which is enveloped by a wave of desire and passion. Professional massage is performed by our skillful girls with seductive bodies. Everyone chooses a program that appeals to him. Massage is carried out in a cozy room, gentle music relaxes, and skillful hands and velvet bodies of skilled masters do the business.
Many people notice how pleasant are touches to the head and hair. This is due to the presence of active points on the scalp and closely spaced nerve endings. The Indian philosophy says that at the top of the head is the energy center of a man, filling the whole body with vitality. The «Anti-stress massage of the head» in our salon of relaxation restores energy, enlightens the mind and sobers thoughts. The humans memory improves, attention sharpens. Sexual massage leaves indelible impressions, you plunge into the world of irrepressible caress and tenderness. Head massage awakens sensuality throughout the body, improves psychological and physical condition. In the company of a sexy girl you will feel a surge of energy, followed by a full relaxation and pleasure.

Our masters know the massage technique and the secrets of erotic touch perfectly. They feel the state and mood of the guest, responding to every movement of the body. In order to get rid of the negative completely, treat yourself to a high-quality sexual massage in the salon «Mon Amour», which remains in memory for a long time.

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