Hell Paradise

1 hour – 5000 rubles
1 hour 30 min – 6000 rubles
2 hours – 7000 rubles


Have you ever thought about the fact that in erotica from hell to heaven in just one step? We offer you to be convinced of this, testing the program with the intriguing name of «Hell Paradise».

Ice cubes, hot wax, sweet kisses -mix everything in a cocktail, and here you are in Paradise because of pleasure! Dilute voluptuous cocktail with severity of a Dominatrix and she directs your pleasure in the right way – 1000 rubles.

Intensive work brings considerable income, but it takes time and energy. It is difficult to restore physical strength and emotional state. But there are places where you can relax your body and soul and prepare for new achievements. Erotic massage in Kazan is that service which is in great demand among modern men. It is provided by the most attractive girls of the city, whose caresses you never forget. The massage takes place in an intimate and comfortable atmosphere, allowing you to loosen up fully. You are able to choose the program independently, considering your most intimate desires.
Those who love caresses on the brink of extremeness will love a massage «A Hell Paradise.» Even its intriguing name suggests that it will be a cocktail of gentle and thrills. Ice cubes, sweet kisses, hot wax and the gentle touch of a velvet body… these seemingly incompatible things are able to carry you into an ocean of pleasure and frantic bliss. Your body turns into one big erogenous zone reacting to each touch. Erotic massage «Hell Paradise» takes you into a completely different world, devoid of any anxiety and urgent problems. Our girls are able to leave an unforgettable impression, you are sure to come back to us for the next portion of relaxation.

Contemplating and feeling the beauty of the female body, every man is able to recharge with new energy. You leave us completely renewed, with pure thoughts and a calm soul. We guarantee confidentiality and provide only professional services. Our skilled masters are able to guess desires, to excite and to remove tension. Allow yourself a high quality erotic massage in Kazan, give your body calm and serenity!

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